HASOMED GmbH is an owner-managed family business. We grow from our own resources, independent of outside capital, "with our feet on the ground". The management acts in Christian responsibility. Committed employees are the most important capital of our company. Reliability, responsibility, openness and respect characterise the way we deal with our company and our customers. Our goal is satisfied customers who are enthusiastic about us and our products. The development of our products and our company requires innovative thinking as well as the courage to break new ground again and again.

Practice software for psychotherapists

With our practice software Elefant we support psychotherapists in the comprehensive organization of their practices. Simple operation, safe and reliable use, patient data protection and an excellent price-performance ratio are our trademarks. A competent telephone support and service partner on site help our customers.

Medical technology for neurological rehabilitation

With our medical products, we develop, produce and market innovative solutions for neurological rehabilitation and for the prevention and therapy of neurodegenerative diseases. With RehaCom, our system for computer-assisted cognitive rehabilitation, we are the global market leader. With our systems for functional electrostimulation, gait analysis and gait therapy, we are one of the leading companies. The constant new and further development of our products is geared to medical and therapeutic needs and is at the service of the patient.


What we stand for

The name HASOMED stands for high-quality medical products and outstanding service. Together with doctors, therapists and scientists, we develop solutions for neurological rehabilitation and for the management of medical practices. A responsible and familial interaction between management and employees characterizes the character of our company. Investments in the future and growth are made by our own efforts and independent of outside capital.


Research and development

Research and development is firmly anchored in our company philosophy. It is the basis for us to actively shape our markets. The history of our company is marked by products that have advanced neurological rehabilitation and the management of medical and therapeutic practices. We continuously participate in research projects with scientific partners regionally, nationally and worldwide. The research and development of new products, as well as the further development of existing products, is oriented towards medical and therapeutic needs and is at the service of the patient.


Medical Technology Cluster Saxony-Anhalt

HASOMED is a member of InnoMed e.V., IISART e.V. and the Medical Technology Cluster Saxony-Anhalt. The aim is to establish networks and bundle capacities to promote the development and production of medical devices and systems in Saxony-Anhalt.



High quality and safety for our customers, business partners and employees are important to us. Our practice software Elefant is certified by KBV. In addition, the independent ePrivacyseal GmbH confirms the outstanding protection of patient data and has awarded the ePrivacyseal data protection seal of approval after thorough technical and legal examination.