RehaIngest – Reliable swallowing detection

What is RehaIngest?

RehaIngest is HASOMED's dysphagia solution for pharyngeal swallowing behaviour evaluation, monitoring and rehabilitation. Designed for speech-language pathologists, rehabilitation physicians, neurologists and ear, nose and throat physicians, the new user-friendly, non-invasive system sets benchmarks for dysphagia prevention and therapy.


Based on a unique two-step EMG and Bioimpedance measurement via surface electrodes on the throat, RehaIngest provides a quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the swallowing in real time. The results are immediately displayed graphically.

Due to an increased risk for silent aspiration during sleep, RehaIngest is the world‘s first mobile system equipped with a long-term measurement function. The system monitors the long-term swallowing behaviour up to 8 hours.

The integrated therapy solution offers engaging biofeedback exercises to practice swallowing in a playful and motivating manner. Common beneficial rehabilitation techniques such as the Mendelsohn manoeuvre are visualized to obtain immediate feedback. The biofeedback skill training activates and forces the reorganization of the cerebral swallowing control. Following the principles of neuroplasticity a relearning process is triggered.

RehaIngest was awarded the 2019 Hugo Junkers Prize for research in innovation in Saxony-Anhalt in the category "Most innovative product development, services and business models".

Hugo Junkers Preis 2019

What are the main benefits of RehaIngest?

RehaIngest can support therapists or examiners in dysphagia therapy and diagnostics. It allows to measure the larynx elevation of patients, without palpation and without having to observe the patient too much or to interfere. The system is very user-friendly and its advanced automatization makes both, set-up and analysis, remarkably easy.

The values are derived via adhesive electrodes attached to the throat. A template makes the precise positioning easier. A measuring module, which serves as an interface between the electrodes and the software, collects the data. The result is immediately displayed on the screen of the included tablet.
The user does not need more than 10 to 12 minutes from the set up to the result.

RehaIngest is a sophisticated assistance system for everyday therapeutic use. It enables efficient screening of a large number of patients in the shortest possible time. The risk of an existing aspiration tendency can be detected early and treated. As a result, the risk of getting aspiration pneumonia can be drastically reduced.

  • valid swallow evaluation
  • 3D swallow animation
  • respiratory-swallow coordination
  • Monitoring
  • Progress representation
  • Reporting

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How does RehaIngest work?


RehaIngest measures both - the activity of the submenal muscles (EMG) and the change in the resistance (bioimpedance) in the pharynx via surface electrodes. Single EMG measurement often results in incorrect results due to head movements, coughing or throat clearing during the measurement. A prerequisite for measuring bioimpedance is the input of current into the body.


How are the electrodes placed?

During a swallow, the biosignals show a typical course. The change in bioimpedance correlates with the movement of the hyoid and larynx during the swallowing. At the lateral end of the hyoid a measuring electrode is attached between the hyoid and thyroid cartilage on both sides.

The two current electrodes are placed on both sides of the neck of the sternocleidomastoid muscle (headwander). There is an additional reference electrode at the level of the right or left cheekbones. A template was developed to ensure accurate placement of the electrodes.


What are the swallow-specific parameters?

During the examination, the measurement curves are displayed in the RehaIngest software. An algorithm running in the background performs a pattern detection in real-time. Detected swallows are marked directly on the measurement curves. A graphical feedback on the swallowing speed as well as the duration and extent of the larynx elevation is displayed in parallel. The color marks of the feedback provide information about the ratio of the swallowing to healthy reference swallows.

RehaIngest Website 2019-V2.indd

How does swallowing measurement with biofeedback work?

Biofeedback is a method to make physiological processes visible. This feedback should help the patient to influence and control these physiological process.

In RehaIngest, biofeedback visualizes the changes in muscular conditions during laryngeal elevation (EMG). The simultaneous change of electrical resistance (bioimpedance) in the pharynx gives visual feedback about the swallowing success. In the swallowing therapy, clients can learn to influence and control their own swallowing process under the guidance of a therapist and with the help of biofeedback. Successful swallowing attempts are rewarded and the client remains motivated.

RehaIngest offers individually customizable biofeedback modules since 2019. The picture shows the biofeedback module “Hot-air balloon”.

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What are the experiences with RehaIngest?


Simone Brendel

Speech therapist from Lower Saxony (Germany)

recommends RehaIngest „[...] anyone who is working with dysphagia patients.“

Simone Brendel has been running a speech therapy practice for swallowing disorders in Cremlingen since 2003. Before her training as a speech therapist, she worked as a specialist nurse for anaesthesia and intensive care. She has specialised in swallowing disorders, tested rehab tests and has recognised numerous advantages.

How can I get to know RehaIngest?


Innovation prize: Swallowing measurement system RehaIngest honoured

To support speech therapists in their therapy work by making swallows measurable and visible and motivating patients to exercise in a playful way – this is what RehaIngest makes possible. The HASOMED therapy system was awarded the Hugo Junkers Prize 2019 for this.

7th Baltic Congress of Speech and Language Therapists in Riga @ Riga, Latvia
Mar 6 – Mar 7 all-day

RehaIngest – the new device for pharyngeal swallowing behaviour evaluation, monitoring and rehabilitation will be presented at the conference. Daina Visockiene of Medlinkas UAB, sales partner of HASOMED for Lithuania, gives a lecture on RehaIngest (7.3., 10 – 11 o’clock in room 107)

Language: English (without translation)

The Asia-Oceanian Conference of Physical & Rehabilitation Medicine (AOCPRM) @ Jeju, Korea
Apr 23 – Apr 26 all-day

Under the theme “Innovative Rehabilitation in Asia Oceania”, the diverse disciplines of Physical & Rehabilitation Medicine from the present to the future will be in focus. With emphasis on innovation, distinguished speakers, professionals and researchers from various countries will present their latest findings from on-going and completed clinical trials.

10th ESSD Congress Dysphagia in rare disorders @ Palau de Congressos de Girona
Oct 8 – Oct 10 all-day

Congress on Dysphagia in rare disorders

Medica 2020 @ Convention Center Düsseldorf
Nov 16 – Nov 19 all-day

Medica is the largest international trade fair for the medical industry. More than 5000 exhibitors from all over the world present innovations for outpatient and clinical care, supplemented by forums and specialist lectures, in Düsseldorf, Germany.

What are the frequently asked questions about RehaIngest (FAQ)?

Our experience refers to patients with stroke, cranial trauma and ENT tumors. The range of application can be extended.
The measurement signals (bioimpedance and EMG) provide information of the pharyngeal swallowing phase.
Every detected swallow is marked on the measurement curves. Additionally a peak of the EMG activity with a simultaneous increase in bioimpedance indicates a swallow.
RehaIngest is designed for measurements with a maximum duration of 8 hours.
Please use the electrode template. You will find a user guide in the RehaIngest software and the manual.
With a little practice, it takes less than 5 minutes to start the measurement.
No. RehaIngest can help to decide whether such an investigation is necessary.
No. RehaIngest can measure up to 8 hours without power supply. The tablet must be connected to the power supply after approx. 2-3 hours.
Bioimpedance is about the electrical properties of your body (or other biomaterials). Bioimpedance describes how well the body impedes electric current flow. Fat has high resistivity, blood lower resistivity. The medium of the RehaIngest BI measurement is the pharynx. During the pharyngal swallowing phase the changing resistance is measured.
The EMG measures the electrical action potentials of cross striated muscles and is measured in mV.
No. The swallowing detection provides information if a swallow was successful or not. The results can give valuable evidences for potential causes of aspiration.

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