Das Schluckmesssystem RehaIngest ist mit einem dritten Platz beim Hugo-Junkers-Preis 2019 ausgezeichnet worden. Eine tolle Auszeichnung für die Arbeit des Teams.

Innovation prize: Swallowing measurement system RehaIngest honoured

To support speech therapists in their therapy work by making swallows measurable and visible and motivating patients to exercise in a playful way – this is what RehaIngest makes possible. The HASOMED therapy system was awarded the Hugo Junkers Prize 2019 for this.

RehaCom is available in Japan now

With RehaCom, HASOMED GmbH has been on the market for more than 20 years. Kissei Pharmaceutical widens the possibilities of cognitive rehabilitation of patients in Japan now.

Innovative medical device: HASOMED nominated for Hugo Junkers Prize 2019

The Hugo Junkers Prize has been awarded in Saxony-Anhalt (Germany) since 28 years for pioneering innovations from science, industry and trade. HASOMED applied this year with RehaIngest. The swallowing measurement system supports speech therapists, occupational therapists and doctors in the treatment…

Medica 2019: Innovative HASOMED medical devices at the World Forum of Medicine

The UN forecasts a world population of more than 9.7 billion people by 2050. A challenge for medical care and a task that physicians and manufacturers of medical technology can master together. Medica 2019, World Forum of Medicine, creates the link between medicine and medical technology, present an…

RehaIngest will be presented in Tel Aviv

Bepex and HASOMED are exhibiting RehaIngest at conference “From Lips to Stomach” in Tel Aviv on 31st of October. Dysphagia experts from Israel and US will discuss the latest scientific findings at this conference. Main topics are related to aspiration pneumonia and dysphagia in neurological pati…

RehaCom and RehaIngest presented in Greece

Two HASOMED GmbH therapy systems made a strong appearance in Greece at the end of October 2019: At a conference for neuropsychologists, the internationally renowned neuropsychologist Dr. Lambros Messinis presented his current study on the use and benefits of RehaCom. The study focused on patients wi…

Strong performance for RehaIngest and RehaCom in Lithuania

Medlinkas UAB, partner of HASOMED in Lithuania, presents RehaCom and RehaIngest on 25 and 26 October 2019. Both systems are suitable for treating patients suffering from the consequences of a stroke. With RehaIngest a visualized swallow measurement is possible, RehaCom supports brain performance tra…





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